Android Apps Development

As the Android technology continues to thrive, so does our subject matter design and development expertise. Elaborated to bring a new spin on digital user experience, the material design principles have been the cornerstone of every mobile development initiative Our team is involved with to secure a more scalable and unified UX across disparate devices.

Unmatched Expertise in Android App Development

We’ve been on the Android wagon right from the launch of version 2.0. Since then we’ve been involved in projects employing every operating system's version and API level.
Beyond just looking sleek and engaging, Android applications that we create bring efficiency, interactivity, creativity and a host of powerful features that meet the target audience’s needs.


Android driven Apps for Custom Hardware Platforms

We are capable of delivering Android based apps for the brand new devices emerging on the market.

ClueLogics has accumulated a unique expertise in authoring Android apps for custom hardware platforms. Created to support interfacing between the target device and external hardware infrastructure such as Bluetooth IO and IR module, the apps utilize custom APIs to configure and control hardware. Some of the past project experience includes API implementation for a vibration sensor and development of an Android app that exploits OS level software to run on a custom tablet.

Catering for Connected Devices

To enable wearables to communicate with mobile devices in a low power consumption manner, we leverage the built in platform capability  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It provides the ability for an Android device to act as a beacon for other devices to locate and perform actions like pushing locally-relevant content when in close proximity. Another valuable connectivity feature to capitalize on is Android Beam, which allows sharing digital content between the devices by touching them together or bringing them into proximity using the near field communication method.

Android Wear Experts on Board

A bunch of our mobile R and D experts were among the early bird developers globally who discovered and started working with the Android Wear platform. We have investigated and prototyped multiple functionaluty features provided by Android Wear to be able to leverage this experience on a production project for you any moment now:

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